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Our Family

Steve and Betty Orr

Genesis Enterprises, founded by Steve and Betty Orr in 2015, was the beginning of something generational. 


Fueled by a passion for land and livestock, we recognize the invaluable connections within the agricultural community. Our goal is to provide different aspects than our neighbors, while building strong relationships within the industry. 


At the heart of our endeavors is the commitment to exposure. Being raised in Guatemala, Central America, our upbringing bestowed upon us a wealth of knowledge, exposure, and diverse experiences in the realms of culture and ranching worldwide. This global perspective has not only broadened our appreciation for others, but also ignited a desire to model our ranch as an inspiration for today's youth.

Agriculture knows no borders. There are good, hard-working people who are passionate about raising quality livestock regardless of their background. Our experience and exposure to other cultures around the world has blessed us, and we want to share the same blessing. 

Our operation is family-ran and family-centered. We believe in this industry, we believe in our people, and we believe together we can create something special.

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