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Why Wagyu?

The Genesis brand is working to build a herd  of purebred Wagyu females and a select few herd sires. These cattle have been hand selected based on their EPD numbers. By doing this, we have the ability to produce the best product from start to finish in this breed.


Wagyu cattle are known for exceptional meat quality, and crossing them with Angus or Red Angus increases those qualities and provides a unique product. Our Angus and Red Angus cows, crossed with Wagyu bulls have garnered attention across the industry for exceptional marbling and meat quality. 


With this cross, we can utilize our best cows and be more productive in producing the best possible F1s. The offspring from this cross will have more foot size, bone, and body capacity to get to the end result quicker. Our F1 Wagyu cattle perform well in the pasture, feedlot, and on the plate. This gives you the best of both breeds combined. 


Oklahoma Certified Beef

We are proud members of the Oklahoma Certified Beef Association. Our cattle are born, bred, raised, and processed exclusively in the state of Oklahoma. With the OCBA label, consumers can know where their beef comes from and be certain they are purchasing from local resources. With Certified Oklahoman Beef, you can be certain your money stays within our state and benefits the rancher who produced your beef.

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